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art, words and wild places
by Greer Taylor

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About ephemeral

Over many years I have been making visits to wild places. During these visits as I find the essence and energy of the day seep into me I am often inspired to make small ephemeral artworks or to put words onto paper. ephemeral assembles images of some of these artworks together with some of the writing.

While the book is a deeply personal expression of one aspect of my artistic practice, I also hope that ephemeral might maintain, refresh or even grow your connection to the natural world: I have designed it to be much like a wild garden that you can wander through in any direction to discover small wild moments at any turn.

A few comments received after the launch:

"This beautiful book turns the ephemeral into the enduring" Jack Baker
"It's going to live on my coffee table
                              for visitors to read and me to look at over and over again."
Kate Liston

"Thank you for such a glorious book" Carolyn Griffiths

“…the verses say so much..." Skye Zaracostas

"there's a lot to it, ...I was intrigued by the concept
                              and awed by the skill with which it was executed" 
Patrick Gowans

If you love nature, the bush and wild things I think you would enjoy having ephemeral on your book shelf or coffee table... or to give as a gift or share with friends. You can purchase copies HERE

how the book is made

ephemeral features a traditional scolex (fabric-style) case cover with French folded dust jacket, stitched signatures and fabric head and tail bands. The rich-feeling paper used for the interior pages is sourced from sustainable managed forests. The book has been printed in China.

Greer Taylor

for more about my art practice and to view images of some of my other artworks: