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The ephemeral launch event was part of the South Coast Writers Centre series of ekphrasic events where writers and poets responded to artworks in other media. In the case of the works here - in respone to the idea of ephemeral or directy to images in the book.

Kaleidoscope - Kathleen Bleakley

LIVE; LEARN - Moira Kirkwood



mountains cool, damp
ferns, grottos – moss & lichen
muddy creeks
sands hot & gritty
waves cool & foamy
seaweedy underbelly
of the swell
where escarpment
meets sea
figtrees tumble down
creek into lagoon
lagoon into sea
waves breaking
onto rocks
pooling into crevices
crabs, hard ochre shells
creature & rock as one

Kathleen Bleakley




Written as an ekphrasis of Greer Taylor’s book ephemeral

Flowers are  confident, but with no good reason. I know
that sweet arc of flower and fruit! I know
how they fall. I know they’ll be lost.

Stone, though; stone takes a long, long view.
The heart’s slow lub-dub; the slide-show of empires, nations.
My whole life’s spent before stone takes a breath:
does stone see me, and think about death?

Moira Kirkwood